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Brisbane floods January 2011

Flooded Brisbane from the air – ABC Brisbane – Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Flooded Brisbane from the air – ABC Brisbane – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The Brisbane flood has added to the state-wide devastation throughout Queensland. This has become the worse natural disaster in Australian history, certainly for the state of Queensland, which may be quantified to approximately $10-12 Billion dollars, or 1% of the Australian GDP.

Tens of thousands of families throughout Queensland are dispossessed and dislocated from the ravages of the flood waters. Brisbane has become the latest victim of the Queensland flood with the Wivenhoe dam succeeding in preventing a larger scale disaster with controlling the downflows of the Lockyer Valley rainwater. Brisbane has become the ultimate watershed with the Brisbane river fanning outwardly through the Brisbane CBD and Suburbs much to the chagrine and consternation of locals, some 36,000 households being affected.

Power cuts, and water quality issues have become the immediate concern for locals. The secondary concern is sanitation issues, water borne diseases and contamination concerns are now being realised.

The last concern is the clean up which will run into the billions of dollars, then the reconstruction of destroyed infrastructures, the flood affected trauma for individuals and families intermingled with the fascination and awe by all onlookers which has made the recent events a historical event completely unprecendent for the most recent generation of Brisbane folk.

Australians have become circumspect with the present disaster outcome and realise the futility of their human efforts in preventing the ravages of nature.

The cause of this freakish weather conditions is not exactly divinely inspired, but, far from this situation is the impact of the documented El Nino weather patterns which is cyclical and patterned in a normally five year cycle, however, this recent condition is a bi-centennial event.

Ua tupu nei lenei fa’alavelave o le lolovaia o Kuiniselani atoa sa amata i le masina o Novema 2010 ma le timuga i le masina o Tesema 2010, i le masina atoa, ua mafua ai le lolovaia lenei i Perisipene mai le aso 11,12,13 o le masina lenei o Ianuari, 2011.
O le mafuaga o lenei lolovai o le tulaga e ta’ua o le El Nino po’o o le matua tele o le timuga e ta’i lima o tausaga ona tupu lenei tulaga. Ae o lenei tulaga ua fa’aali mai o se tulaga e le masani lava i le tele o le timuga e pei ua tupu i aso, ma le masina, ua tuana’i nei i Kuinislani atoa.

Ua fealolo nei le lolovaia o Peresipene aua o le Wivenhoe Dam sa fau aua o le lolovaia i le 1974, o lenei Wivenhoe Dam sa fa’apea e le toe lolovaia ai o Peresepene ae ua fa’aali mai ua le mafai lava ona te’ete’e ma taofi le tele o le vai mai timuga mai o masina ia e tolu, mai Novema, Tesema, 2010, ma Ianuari, 2011. O le Wivenhoe Dam sa uma ona fau i le tausaga 1985.

O le aufia o le tau o lenei fa’alavelave e $10-$12 Piliona tala tupe Ausetalia, ona toe fo’i lea o le ola masani iinei i Kuinisilani, ma Ausetalia atoa. E tusa o se 1 pasene o le GDP o le tupe malo o Ausetalia. Ua fa’apea e atoa se fia o masina ma tausaga ona toe fa’afo’i Kuiniselani i le tulaga masani. E le pei O le sunami o Samoa aua o lenei lolovai e a’ufia iai o Kuiniselani atoa ma le itu matu o Niu Saua lese.

Fa’afetai lava i le faitau.

Ia manuia le a’u fa’itau.

Tofa soifua

Tim Tufuga mai Brisbane Australia 13th January 2011


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The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Immigration Nation documentary series. 9th January, 2011.

The White Australia Policy has finally been documented succinctly in this three part series of the history of Australia.

Australian immigration policy has changed with the repeal of the White Australia policy in 1975 through the Racial Discrimination Act (Commonwealth). Subsequently, the surreptitiousness of the White Australia policy is embedded in the institutional attitudes of the law courts, the real estate agencies, the schools, the suburbs, in job localities and positioning within Australia. The immigration levels of Anglo-Celtic remain dominant whilst the minority groups are singled out for xenophobic public outrage, ie, Boat People and people in detention centres. Over a quarter of a million of South Africans were openly accepted into Australia after the end of the Apartheid era in the mid 1990s.

Enjoy this series which is running from the 9th January 2011 through till the end of January 2011 on air on SBS1 tv on Sunday at 8.30 pm.

Ia manuia le mai moa

Tim Tufuga from Brisbane Australia

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