Cyclone Yasi, a significant event in Queensland, February, 2011.

The largest cyclone in Queensland in decades is bearing down off the North Queensland coast. It is twice the size of Cyclone Larry (2006). Cyclone Yasi, will be a category 5 cyclonic event, similar to Hurricane Katrina (2005), in the USA.

Cyclone Yasi is 2/3 the size of Queensland. A larger system than Hurricane Katrrina in size. It is the largest cyclone system seen in Queensland, and, in Australia, in decades.

Subsequently, this will bring massive downpour, and devastating wind gusts, and flooding in Queensland once again!

Queensland has about five or six cyclones around this time of the year, however, it has never been as astounding and astronomical as Cyclone Yasi. This will be a once in a life time event. Queensland has just endured the flooding in recent weeks now it is bracing for Cyclone Yasi. Yes, somewhat a Murphy’s law, insofar as, Queensland summer season is concerned.

Ia talosia e sao manuia o tagata o le a aafia i lenei fo’i afa, o le Afa o Yasi, o le a o’o mai, iinei o le pitunu’u o Kuinisilani i Matu, i le aso o taeao, i le afiafi, o lenei masina o Fepuali, 2011, i le aso lua, ma le taeo o le aso tolu.

Tofa mo lenei fo’i taimi.

Tim Tufuga

Brisbane, Australia


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