Casuarina Cup 2011 By Tim B Tufuga

The Casuarina Cup 2011 has been and gone and what a very eventful tournament it really was. It was hot, sultry and full of action. The event was marred somewhat with numerous injuries by some participating players whom had some very unfortunate misadventures onfield. The local Paramedics were busy carting away some immobolised injured players of which the most tragic was a compound fracture of a very very unlucky young lady who fell awkwardly and fractured were ulna and radius (forearm) and a very grotesque injury imaginenable causing some very traumatised fellow players teary and shaken. Other injuries included an achilles heal tendon tear, a torn knee ligament, a dislocated ac joint, and a fractured ankle, being amongst the more serious injuries which had marred an otherwise successful Casuarina Cup for 2011.

Overall, people had tried to put these accidents behind them and tried to savour the bitter victories and glorious defeats that was the Casuarina Cup 2011.

As for the officials, such as the administrators and referees, we had weathered the storm of countless stoppages, eg, aforementioned injuries, the usual and expected backchatting, the appreciated compliments, as well as, the occassional insult and reprimand. We had to endure it all. We made our fair share of misjudgements which were very few and far in between. Overall, no vendettas were issued against most referees? during and after the tournament, so, thankfully, we survived the ire of some very unsportsmanlike behaviour, as may have been noted with some rumours that had circulated after the 2010 event. Some people presumed that there was some underlying racism involved, which may have marred the 2010 event, especially with the after tournament presentations by some irate teams in 2010.

Needless to say, Casuarina Cup 2011, has been and gone and we are thankful that we have made back home safely if somewhat battered and bruised from the near tragic events which had left an insipid aftertaste from the 2011 tournament.

Ia fa’afetai lava mo le matamata. Ma ia manuia tatou ma le oufia.


O Tim Tufuga
Casuarina NSW
Brisbane Qld.

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