Labour Day, Brisbane, Australia, on Monday the 2nd May, 2011.

There were some 30,000 Australian who marched in Brisbane’s Mayday Parade. It was a grand occassion to celebrate the achievements of workers throughout Australia. A time to claim the streets of Brisbane for the worker, a time to down tools for a fleeting moment and to walk tall and proud.

The workers of Australia are all to familiar of their place in Australian political history, a history in which class locality has been deligitimised with the equalitarian ethos. This same egalitarianism has resonated within the union trade halls and onto the workplace.

It is the Australian workers right to set aside this day and to claim it as their day to celebrate their hard earned rights in the workplace and to the qualitative improvements of their quality of life.

Tim Tufuga

Brisbane 3rd May 2011


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