The Carbon Tax demystifying the impact upon Australians, by Tim Tufuga

The carbon tax message has become layman friendly with the recent publication of the Clean Energy Future Overview information booklet. The Australian Labor Government has crossed the Rubicon on a proposed tax that has certainly divided a nation.

In the meantime, the present opinion polls seem to reveal the salient fear of any proposed tax in any shape or form, regardless, of how environmentally, frugally, and health conscience beneficial it may be to the political, economic environment, and to the quality of life for Australians. The residual affects and effects upon the obvious improved quality of life for the community is somewhat subsumed by the fear and burden of any proposed dreaded three lettered ‘T’ word.

The Carbon tax is indeed an issue which pits the fearmongering mindsets of conservative and reactionary Australia with the  environmentally conscience dynamic visionaries from the realpolitically astute, a growing movement stemming from the leftwing socialists coupled with the guppy laissez faire modernists, who truly believe that their idealistic dreams are realpolitickally attainable.

Apart from the idealism of the visionaries is the earth shattering impacting thud of a 26% approval rate at almost every mainstream opinion polls over the carbon tax issue, in that from an outsiders perspective, the assumption may verily be that Australians have sided with the conservative reactionaries.

The fearmongering xenophobes have won in the polls and the Australian Labor Party will fall on the sword of the carbon tax white paper legislative proposal and will probably bow out of office when they return to the hustings at least in the most foreseeable future. In the meantime, the present incumbent administration will have to try to lessen the adverse impact of the negative response by the laity and will try to woo firstly the loyal rank and file then the uncertain swing voters before daring to take on the reactionary ultra right.

The Julia Gilliard-Combet-Brown Carbon tax cabal are on the Australian roads trying the hardsell everywhere and anywhere.

As for the working class battlers out there, well, whats in it for me? To make it easier to disseminate the hardsell on page 6 of the Clean Energy Future Overview, The government will ensure that those Australians that need help the most, particularly pensioners and the low income earner, will get assistance for the cost of living impact of the carbon tax.

On average, households will see costs increases of $9.90 while the average assistance will be $10.10 per week.

Over 4 million households will be either better off compared to their average price impact.

This means they will receive assistance that provides a buffer of at least 20 per cent and above their average price impact.

Almost 6 million households will be assisted to meet their average price impact.

This means they will receive assistance that covers the average price impact of the carbon tax price on their cost of living.

Around 8 million households will get some assistance.

This means they will receive some assistance through payments increases and or tax cuts.

Households that improve their energy efficiency can help the environment and save money.

Because households that do use less energy will still get to keep all their tax cuts and payment increases to carbon tax will still provide them with a financial incentive to do their bit for the environment.

Finally, on page 18 of the information booklet, household assistance will be valued at around $14.9 billion through Income tax cuts and increased family payments and pension rises.

Tim Tufuga

Brisbane 19th July 2011

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