The recall of US troops means a recall of Samoan troops as well.

The Samoan troop numbers within the respective United States military units currently serving within Iraq have officially been given their recall orders from their commander in chief President Barak Obama. The current Samoan troop numbers are not fully disclosed due to ethnicity classifications of US military servicemen are subsumed to Nationality of servicemen, therefore, Samoan military servicemen included within the United States Armed forces are not disclosed according to ethnicity to the public.

However, the respective companies within the 100Bn, 442nd Regiment within the US Army Reserve, has been dominated by Samoan military personnel and have been in active duty within Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Samoans as an ethnic military culture have proffered military assets to the respective military forces globally including the New Zealand Army units, including the elite SAS, The US military services including Delta Force, US Navy, including the notorious or the famous Navy SEALS, US Air force as front line fighter pilots, including colonel Snow an F15 Eagle pilot etc.

The Samoan military culture is very entrenched and a proud culture of fighting men that has been embedded within the Toa culture of most Polynesian cultures, this cultural tradition has been bestowed to the Samoan serving within the Australian Armed forces as well as the French Foreign Legion.

The fighting Samoan Toa is indeed a creature of habit, a bellicose weapon, and a ruthless menace to his enemies, if utilised effectively.

Within an indifferent and myopic society the Samoan is stereotyped as either a rugby player, a menial semi skilled worker, an expected pub brawler (also known as a “Lout” according to the Queensland justice stigma), a staunch christian, and is purportedly expected to be a lethargic obese diabetic. Often the warrior stereotype is considered as atypical and is more associated with a distant Toa culture of yesteryear.

In an age known, disdainfully by the Allan Duff school of thought, as the “Once were Warriors” dying race Eugenic myth. The Eugenic paradigm which has been inculcated by the Allan Duff school of thought has besmirched and tarnished the cultural reputation of many Polynesian cultures as well as the Maori culture. The bigotted stereotype has become the ideal for the stereotypical stigma that has denied many sporting, employment and career opportunities for many Polynesian groups within New Zealand society rippling outwardly to Australia and America. The antiheroism of the bellicose Samoan or the Jake Heke (Maori version) of the “Once were Warrior” has become a twisted truism that has left many Samoans, Tongans and Maori with very little breathing space to arise from the burden of stereotype and stigma.

Closer to home. The Australian Samoan, nowadays,  is indeed a person whom is keen to reaffrim the “Once were Warrior” tradition, particularly viewed in their interest in contact sport, ie, rugby martial arts and pugilism, and would wish to continue to live this truism of their cultural trait within their adopted host society.

The Australian Samoan is integrating with the indigenous and mainstream Australian society and is subsumed by the overwhleming tyranny of the masses and competing pluralism of a multicultural Australian soceity which may be carbon copied anywhere within American society and New Zealand.

The global internet has created a bridge network through which all Samoans are proffered an opportunity to connect with each other and to share notonly their particular cultural origins but also their daily lives inspite and despite their diaspora.

Fa’afetai lava i le faitau.

Tim Tufuga


27th October, 2011


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  1. #1 by Fiaolamoleatua Alan Siatu'u Tufono on May 26, 2012 - 11:25 pm

    Very true and inciteful reading. The differences and similarities between Samoans worldwide do offer hope of a brighter future for our younger generations, if we get away from certain distractions that impede our warrior mentality.

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