The Australian Labor Party has reintroduced indentured labour to Australian plantations.

As a former member of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) it has been an indignant affront to be associated with a political party which has re-introduced the indentured labour scheme from the South Pacific so as to work on plantations within Australia.

It is the delivery of the message which seems to be incumbent upon the political propagandist, as in this instance, the ABC report on Pacific Islander workers scheme was presented carefully so as to do ‘no harm’ to Australian race relations with the Pacific region. However, as it turns out, the reality of it all is in fact the grievous racial harm done, as the result of such a workplace arrangement that specifies are particular ethnic groups of persons, is the stigmatisation of the Pacific Islander within Australian society and a detrimental affect and effect with the Pacific Islander race relations. The Pacific Islander workers scheme has legitimised the second class labour market, insodoing, re-affirming the servile races dictum for most post-colonial supremacists ideologies, which is still being flippantly institutionalised throughout our Australian society today. Much more pragmatical still is the will by certain elements bigoted elements of my Australian community in institutionalising the purported delusions of racial servility of certain ethnic groups within the workforce in that, in turn, would circumvent the minimum work conditions for most non-white Australians whom are actively engaged within the labour force and are protected under the Fair Work Australia working conditions. Alas, as for the second class citizen such as most Pacific Islanders coming to Australia from the South Pacific. via, working visas, arranged by their employers and employment agencies, ala, people smugglers to re-introduce blackbirds for Australian plantations, this disconcertingly industrial relations bigotry has gone under the radar by the predominately white mainstream media whom have focused their attention instead upon illegal boat people coming from the North via Indonesia.

Logan City, in South East Queensland:

The local situation, there is a fair number of Australian citizens of Pacific Islander extraction within the Logan City area. Within this group there are a fair number of this ethnic group actively engaged in employment within the labour market. all the while, there is a fair proportion, moreso than the Australian Bureau of Statistics data of Pacific Islander population within the area, whom are not within gainful employment. Moreover, there is a disproportionately higher level of unemployed Pacific Islanders within Logan City compared to the mainstream white Anglo-Celtic Australian population. Most of this population are surviving on welfare from Centrelink. Whilst not engaging in full time employment some have had to actively participate in work for the dole schemes so as to maintain regular payments from Centrelink. However, this is vocationally focused and not to proffer an underemployed underclass of indentured workforce that are Pacific Islander people. As statistics seem to indicate, the disproportionate number of underemployment amongst the Pacific Islander population is higher and it is relatively equal to the indigenous persons unemployment rate. This seems to justify the notion that most employers will not employ outside of their racial groups and that prejudice and bigotry is very much entrenched within Australian society.

However, either through a lack of structural efficiency mechanisms within our job placement agencies, or, there is structural-functional damage within our industrial relations structures, which has kept certain geo-demographic and ethnic concentrated enclaves perpetually unemployed, or underemployed. In the meantime, the higher levels of workers rights protection and minimum wages conditions has undermined the locally derived employment sources in order for farmers to employ workers locally. This employment sourcing impasse has been resolved somewhat, through this contentiously vexed scheme of  re-introducing non-Australian Pacific Islander workers in order to resolve this employment demand vacuum, all the while, undermining the ‘domestic’ industrial relations minimum conditions, as is considered, by farmers and employers, as too stringent workers protection conditions, as per, the demands set out under The Fairwork Australia industrial laws.

Fa’afetai mo le faitau

Tim Tufuga

Logan City,  Brisbane

28th November 2011



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  1. #1 by alex bell on March 24, 2012 - 9:20 pm

    then fuckoff back to your own country….maggot….how dare you call yourself australian….you have been voted the biggest fuckwit in brisbane

    • #2 by timbtufuga on March 26, 2012 - 6:49 am

      Id like to see you try. Have a look at the Queensland state election, Woodridge retained the ALP, Woodridge is dominated by Pacific Islanders, whom agree with me you see as a labor movement advocate the ideological foundations of the ALP is premised under the Accord wage indexation system, something that youre too young and immature to understand you pigmy brain. You see we won here in Woodridge as I am an active member of the ALP I do critise inconsistencies. As for your childish antics go back under your rock you pigmy.

    • #3 by timbtufuga on May 16, 2012 - 11:53 am

      Alex matey, come to our Australian republican Meeting and meet me in person. Im the one of the Queensland Councillors of the Australian Republican Movement. You sound very intimidatingly powerful. Im an Australian a member of the Australian Labor party and frankly I dont give a shit of your opinion of Australian people adn Australian values. You see my version of Australia obviously differs from yours. We’re not all the same you idiot. As for democratic popularity. Alex Bell your name is such a common name as common as you obviously are. Id like to see you try to say it to me in person in front of my face.

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