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Tim Tufuga

ImageThe Australian Republican Movement is still looking for more members and activists. We are seeking true blue Australians in seeking not only the inclusion of Aboriginal rights within the constitution but to overhaul the constitution to include its own citizen as their future head of state. Unfortunately, it seems that only the intellectual elites, polticians, academics, students and military elites who seem to support the republican call. The rest of the laity seem apathetic and noncommitted to an Australian republic.

The London Olympics 2012 is just around the corner, and our head of state will not state to salute Australian athletes in Australian national pride but will support the British athletes as they vie to compete against Australian athletes.

Whilst it does seem inopportune to mention the R word it is still relevant and still in the back of many people’s mind especially as we await the 65th year of…

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Mr. David Morris Australian Republican Movement National Director in 2012

New South Wales Senator Matthew Thistlewaite on the Australian republican Movement

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The real WMD war is about to commence in 2012.

Ok, the next Persian Gulf war is simmering, with the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and an increase of US military presence within Gulf Cooperation Council nations post 2012, the focus is now on Iran, and likened to the Battlefield 3 ps3 game, the script seems very prophetic. Israel is threatening airbourne strikes upon Iranian nuclear reactor facilities, Russia in turn warns Israel to desist and resist from doing so. IAEA gives teeth to US and Israeli suspicions, legitimising the WMD allegations which is of course the nuclear armament of Iran. The die has been cast, it seems, and now it is time to open a new theatre of war within the Persian region….Is the world ready for the REAL WMD WAR?

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Logan City housefire that claimed 11 lives of Tongan and Samoans are still being investigated.

Criminal investigations on the cause of the housefire in Logan City has not been discounted, week after the a tragic housefire that killed some 11 victims. Tongans and Samoans converged onto the Logan Metro Indoor Centre to pay respects to the victim’s families. Meanwhile, the Slacks Creek house, within ALP Evan Moorhead’s Waterford Electorate, and within ALP Federal member, Craig Emersen, Rankin electorate, are sharing condolences and sadness with the presence of the Queensland’s Premier Anna Bligh and the Mayor of Logan City Mrs. Pam Parker, delivering eulogy speeches on behalf of the people of Queensland and the people of Logan City community.

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O le taua o le census 2011, o Ausetalia, mo tagata Pasefika.

O le taua o le Census o Ausetalia mo le tausaga 2011. O le taua lenei census mo ato motu toaitititi mai le Pasefika e pei o Samoa. O lea e le lomia o le tele o numera o tagata Samoa i le Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), i le tele o vital statistics i le tulaga o aiga, o galuega, o aoga ma tagata Samoa o lo’o mana’omia se fesoasoani e ala mai le Malo.


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Ole fa’asamoaina o le talafa’asolopito o le politiki o Ausetalia: Immigration (part 2)

O le itu loga lua o le fa’asamoaina o le talafa’asolopito o le fa’apolitiki o Ausetalia i le mataupu o le immigration. Ae maise i le tulaga o le White Australia policy.

Ma le fa’aaloalo lava.

O Tim Tufuga

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